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    Acute to Chronic Workload Ratios in Baseball

    Monday, April 30, 2018

    This article highlights the differences between acute and chronic workload ratios. Take the example of a pitcher that did no throwing over Christmas break and the first week back is expected to reach max long toss distances and throw a bullpen. They essentially went from 0 to 100 in a matter of days. It’s not always on coaches; athletes are just as responsible, if not more, for taking care of their throwing during these breaks. Too much too soon and you’ll be sidelined.

    Off Season and Pre Season Development leads to Good Arm Health

    I see it year after year, a player comes in February and wants to get ready for high school or little league tryouts in 5 weeks. This is not an effective way to prepare for playing the game at your very best. Their lack of preparation in the off season leads them to over work in a short period of time. More importantly, they have not prepared their body with any type of strength and conditioning. Jumping right into tryouts without any preparation leaves you more susceptible to injuries as your body isn’t used to exerting itself at a certain level yet. Strength and conditioning helps prevent injuries and makes you stronger.

    Off Season Preparation

    This part of your development starts with a comprehensive plan of your goals for the season, leading you to prepare accordingly. So when should you start getting ready for your next baseball season? Your off season starts in October, where you are getting your body ready for the upcoming season. This does not mean you are throwing a baseball off a mound at maximum effort, instead, you should use this time during your off season to work on corrective movements, strength, agility, flexibility and mechanical fixes which leads a player to his preseason development.

    Pre Season Development

    Your pre season plans should include how much to throw and how many days in between. You should consider what your throwing session should look like, what days to long toss, throw off a mound or just have a catch. Throwing a baseball five to six days a week is perfectly okay, as long as you are not throwing at maximum effort on a daily basis.

    In Season

    Now, what you have spent the off season preparing for is finally here. However, this does not mean you stop taking care of your arm. Develop a plan for your season and use Motus to help you keep your arm healthy and know if you are overthrowing in a game or at practice. Please note, you should be continuing your strength and agility programs.

    Schedule a pitching evaluation with Coach Lugo. Evaluation will include a Motus arm analyzation, video, mph reading and a 1 page evaluation.


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